NousMed ID Medical Smart Card

2-in-1 Smart Medical ID card for managing Covid-19 pandemic more efficiently :

* Store Medical History and other info such as: Covid-19 test date, test result, symptom

* Telehealth video-call service (reimbursable by Medicare & insurance) enables "Social Distancing" between Healthcare Providers & Patients to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

NousMed ID Medical Smart Card allows you to carry important medical information such as medical problem list, medication list, medication allergy, emergency contact ...

In case of a medical emergency, first responders or any helper can access those critical info, text-chat or video call your family members and provide GPS location where you are.

This hipaa compliant Smart Card also allows healthcare providers quick access to your health records from all your physicians and medical facilities that participate in your care via your patient portal.

Emergency smart card diagram

Configure NousMed ID Medical Smart Card

  • Download & open the app “Nousmed ID” (iPhone: App Store; Android Phone: Play Store)
  • Click “Register” and fill out info
  • Check your email for “Account Verification” email labeled “No Reply” (Also check Spam and Junk folders for it)
  • Click on “Account Verification”
  • Re-Open “NousMed ID” App and Log in
  • At the Top Right corner, click on QR code or NFC symbol to bring up QR or NFC scanner
  • Scan QR code or Tap NFC symbol on card (for NFC compatible phone only). Enter your medical info you wish to display when Card is scanned or tapped.
  • Enter a 5-digit PINCODE code (required).
  • Under “Share to”, enter Email address of the person designated to receive notification / text chat when Card is scanned (i.e. caregiver or family member). This person needs to download the App and log in.
  • Coming Soon: To create access to your electronic health record via patient portal, under “Setup Patient Portal”, click “Add” and search for your Doctor by name, zip code, city or specialty. Click “Add” again. Done.
Emergency Smart Cart
Emergency Smart Cart